Charter Middle School info

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Parents of 5th graders:  besides knowing about transfer options (see below on website), it is important for you to learn about and consider applying to the two charter middle schools in our district. 

Please visit Ms. Lockwood’s new blog/website for information on both these schools: http://lindalockwoodschoolcounselor.weebly.com/

In-district transfer information

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Apply for secondary transfers FEB. 2 – 27, 2015

 Current fifth grade students (entering sixth grade in September) who want to attend a school other than their assigned school next fall (2015-16) must apply for in-district transfer (IDT) between February 2 and February 27, 2015.

The application window must be earlier than normal this year to coincide with changes to the district’s student data information system. IDT application forms will be updated to reflect the February dates. Please do not submit a transfer application form that reflects a deadline other than February 2015.

IDT applications received after February 27, 2015, will not be considered.

IDT request forms can be picked up at any middle school office, and must be completed and returned to the student’s assigned middle school during the application date window. There is no guarantee a transfer request will be approved. Students attending school on an IDT are not eligible for bus transportation.

More information on the in-district transfer process can be found on the Student Transfers page on the district website, http://www.salemkeizer.org/parents/student-transfers.


Guidance lessons.

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Ms. Lockwood’s guidance lessons will be covering Personal Safety, starting the week we get back from winter break, and continuing into February, depending on the grade level.  These lessons are developmentally appropriate for each grade level and teach the basics of Stranger Danger, Safe Touching, and more.  There is one lesson for students K-3 and two lessons for students 4-5.  Please feel free to email Ms. Lockwood if you have questions or concerns for your child’s lesson:  if you wonder just what she teaches at your child’s grade level, or for any other reason.  lockwood_linda@salkeiz.k12.or.us

New grading information

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Please see the attached document for more information on grading.

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